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A Celtic Lovers Magic

Published by Pink Petal Books

A modern day warrior’s destiny collides with that of the ancient Celtic underworld. Will Liam and Caileaan’s love survive the chaotic battle between darkness and light?


Liam Macauley inherits what he believes to be a mansion in Ireland from an uncle he’s never known. The moment he sets foot on Irish soil, he’s plunged deep into ancient Celtic magic, and the course is set to fulfill a millennia old prophecy.
Caileaan, descendant of the Sidhe, ancient gods of Eire, the Tuatha De Danann, longs to dig her toes into freshly turned earth, toil side by side with a husband, birth his children, know what it is to be loved and alive as one with humans.
In a battle of darkness and light, will the evil Fomhoire destroy the promise made to Caileaan along with her world as she knows it? Or will Liam, using his newfound powers, rein triumphant, winning his heart’s desire in the process?

In her mind’s eye, Caileaan watched Liam enter the keep through the Gothic front door and sighed. She’d made her presence known the first day. Her wait was almost over, the prophecy nearly fulfilled.

Mortal, but not, Caileaan longed to dig her toes into freshly turned earth, toil side-by-side with a husband, birth his children, know what it was to be loved and alive as one with the humans. For thousands of years, the people of Eire had deemed her people gods.

She wrung her hands. Intellectually superior or no, skilled or no, what difference did it make? The Sidhe were not immortal as legend told. One well-placed blade could send them into the afterworld.

No intricately designed sword or other weaponry had ever been enough. The protection of trustworthy mortals remained essential. Hence, the need for the Macaula family.

Her Sidhe clan had been distraught when, tired of the constant threat of the Fomhoire, Liam’s father moved his family to America.

Although separated by an ocean, her gift of foresight allowed her to watch Liam grow from child to man, and she’d fallen in love with him. Not even the vast distance between continents had kept them apart.

Caileaan sighed as she stroked a midnight black raven’s feather against her cheek. A gray mist swirled, and her body shifted and morphed. Feathers sprouted from her flesh. She flapped her wings and blinked.

High above Macaula’s Keep, she soared. Gliding, she settled into an oak tree near Liam’s bedchamber window. Soon he would sleep, and she’d join him in his dreams.

Liam strode into the room, tugged his shirt over his head, and tossed it aside. Caileaan’s raven heart thumped quickly. Built like a warrior of old, Liam’s broad shoulders rippled. He stripped his jeans from long, muscular thighs. As if sensing her, he moved to the window.

A sensation of longing encompassed her. She dug her talon feet into the branch and concentrated on holding her form. The fullness of his pursed lips and searching amber gaze tugged at her heart. The mortal part of her desired to shift and claim his mouth, but she dared not. The time between dusk and twilight had not yet arrived.

Caileaan flew toward Newgrange, the quartz façade of the cairn a beacon in the moonlight.

She entered through a hidden entrance, opened an ancient, bronzed box, and grasped the charm she sought. With the adder stone secured around her wrist, she shifted, journeyed back, and lit on the mullioned window ledge. Soundless, and in human form, she entered Liam’s bedchamber.

Light of foot, she moved across the room and to the bed where Liam snored softly. He stirred, and her breath hitched, but he did not wake.

Caileaan eased down next to him, his body heat warming her skin. He muttered incoherently, and his lids fluttered open. She stared into his amber eyes, took control of his mind and entered his dream....


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